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Cangzhou Cencho Tech Solution Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacturer
Main Mark: Italy, Korea, Australia, America, Canada, France, The U.K., Japan and etc
Exporter: 60%-70%
Certs: CE, IS9001
Description: Cangzhou Cencho Tech Solution co.,Ltd was established in 1997. After 20 years of hard work, the company integrates design, development, manufacturing, processing and sales services.
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Sanitary Triclover Ball Valve

Nov. 09, 2023

Stainless steel sanitary ball valves are typically used for dairy, food & beverage, distilled spirits, pharmaceutical, botanical extract, personal care and pet care applications where sanitary construction is required, as well as for utility, process and corrosive environment applications where quick clamp applications are needed.


Sanitary ball valves are full-bore flow control valves with manual pull handle. The quarter-turn handle lies flat in alignment with the flow when open, and is perpendicular to it when closed, making for easy visual confirmation of the valve's status.



Distinguished features:


Tri-clamp connections: Sanitary ball valves often use tri-clamp connections, also known as tri-clover, which can provide a secure and hygienic seal between a valve and a pipe or a valve and a tank. Tri-clamp fittings are easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean, that makes them widely welcomed in industries prioritizing cleanliness.


Stainless steel material: The ball and body of sanitary ball valve are polished into high shine to ensure it is smooth and easy to clean.


Compact and simple ball valve design: Easy to install into any process line.

Three-piece design: It is easy and quick to maintain any component with no special tools required.