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Three-Way Ball Valve Flow Design

Feb. 24, 2021

Here is the flow direction design of the three-way ball valve shared by the Three-Way Ball Valve Supplier

The three-way ball valve is a relatively new type of ball valve. It has some advantages unique to its own structure, such as frictionless switch, not easy to wear, and small opening and closing torque. This can reduce the size of the actuator. Equipped with a multi-turn electric actuator, it can realize the adjustment and close shut-off of the medium. It is widely used in working conditions that require strict cut-off such as petroleum, chemical industry, and urban water supply and drainage. Three-way ball valve has T type and L type. The T-type can connect three orthogonal pipelines with each other and cut off the third channel, which can split and merge. The L three-way ball valve type can only connect two orthogonal pipelines, and cannot maintain the third pipeline at the same time.

Three-Way Ball Valve

Three-Way Ball Valve

The working principle of the Three-Way Ball Valve determines that the valve body has three ports, one in and two out or two in and one out; the difference from ordinary valves is that when the internal spool is in different positions, different outlets are connected, such as when the spool is at the bottom, The left and right are connected and the lower outlet is closed; if the spool is on the upper side, the lower left is connected and the right outlet is closed. The three-way ball valve series can be divided into Q44L type and Q45T type according to the different switching requirements of the medium flow direction. For example, the A and L types can switch the medium flow direction, and the two perpendicular channels can be connected or closed.

Working principle of three-way ball valve

The pneumatic three-way ball valve opens: 2 ports for air intake and 4 ports for exhaust, pushing the two pistons to move to both sides separately, while compressing the spring, and the output shaft rotates counterclockwise

Pneumatic three-way ball valve is closed: when the air is lost or the power is lost, the spring pushes the two pistons to close together and move toward the center, and the output shaft rotates clockwise

The three-way ball valve adopts an integrated structure in structure, a four-sided valve seat sealing type, few flange connections, high reliability, and a lightweight design.

The three-way ball valve includes a valve body, a valve core and a valve stem. One end of the valve stem of the product is linked with the valve core, and the other end passes through the valve body and is linked with an external drive mechanism.

The valve core of the three-way ball valve is provided with an L-shaped fourth flow passage, and the valve body of the product is provided with a fifth flow passage through the valve core to connect or disconnect the first flow passage and the third flow passage

The valve body of the three-way ball valve is provided with a valve cavity, and the valve body of the product is provided with a flow channel for the medium to flow and communicate with the valve cavity. The flow channel includes a flow channel, a second flow channel, and a third flow channel. The channel and the third flow channel have the same axis, and the axis of the second flow channel of the product is perpendicular to the axes of the first and third flow channels.

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