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Ball Valve: Style and How To Work

Jun. 11, 2021

The ball valve is a mechanical device that can control, guide, guide and regulate the flow of different substances such as gas, pressure, liquid, etc. There are different types of ball valves, with different designs for specific purposes, but the basic ball valve parts are the same among them. What do you want to know about the ball valve, the New Type Of Ball Valve Supplier will share with you.

Stainless Gate Valve

Stainless Gate Valve

What material is the ball valve made of?

1. PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic used for ball valve design. One of their advantages is that they are flexible and smooth, providing easier movement for ball valve parts.

2. Bronze and brass are very suitable for ball valves in low or medium pressure systems. In addition, these materials are waterproof and corrosion resistant.

3. Different types of ball valves use stainless steel as one of the important materials in their design, because it has many positive characteristics, such as durability and corrosion resistance. Stainless Gate Valve can be used in geochemical systems and general factory systems.

4. Although iron is not as flexible as PVC, it has its own uses when manufacturing ball valves. Because iron can withstand a wide range of pressures and temperatures, it is considered a popular material for making ball valves.

Check Valve

Check Valve

The most popular type of ball valve:

Orifice ball valve

Ordinary ball valves are more expensive than other types. The extra-large ball in the full-bore ball valve reduces friction loss because the hole in the ball valve is the same size as the pipe. Although the valve is larger, the flow is not restricted in the size of the full-bore ball valve. Ordinary ball valves are usually used for throttling applications in various systems with high flow coefficient and low pressure drop.

Multi-way ball valve

Multi-way ball valves include three-way ball valves and four-way ball valves, with an L to T-shaped hole in the middle. T-shaped valves can be connected to any pair of ports, and L-shaped valves can connect the center port to the side ports. The inlet of a multi-port ball valve is usually orthogonal to the outlet plane.

Floating ball valve

In a floating valve, the ball is suspended in the flowing fluid and held in place by the compression of two elastic valve seats. The shaft is attached to the top of the ball, allowing it to switch from the open position to the closed position in a quarter-turn motion. Floating valve allows to cut off the flow in both directions

Ball valve and gate valve

The difference between a ball valve and a gate valve is that the former uses a spherical ball to open/close the flow, while the latter uses a disc to sit on the valve seat. Therefore, the difference between these two valves is design and compactness.

Ball valve and globe valve

These valves are not as accurate as shut-off valves in throttling fluid flow because they usually have positive rather than incremental positions. In addition, in the long run, the valve will be damaged due to the partially open position.

Globe Valve

Globe Valve

Advantages of ball valves

Can be quickly opened and closed with a quarter-circle movement

Ensure a very tight seal without high torque

Compact design

How does it work?

The ball inside the valve has a hole, when it is completely aligned with the two ends of the valve, fluid can pass freely. When the hole is completely perpendicular to the end of the device, the valve is completely sealed. Otherwise, when the hole is in any other position, the flow will be completely or partially interrupted.

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