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Cangzhou Cencho Tech Solution Co., Ltd.
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Description: Cangzhou Cencho Tech Solution co.,Ltd was established in 1997. After 20 years of hard work, the company integrates design, development, manufacturing, processing and sales services.
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A OEM stainless steel castings named anchor shank


We are in the marine industry and are introducing a new product. Last year we have sold over 900 products/anchors.

Enclosed are drawings, images and 3D CAD files of the part - anchor shank that should be cast, with the high precision in the 17-4PH stainless steel (H900 heat treatment). Surface finish should be high quality mirror/mirror hand polished surface. The part is ≈ 0.600kg. The Shank must have a perfect surface finish with no scratches, small holes and up-down/hill waves imperfections. The bottom surface with two (2) 3/8"-16 threaded holes must be grounded perpendicular and be perfectly flat! The two 3/8”-16 threaded screw holes must have clean threads so that the screws could be screwed in/out easily with fingers. The distance of 23mm between center holes must be done with a high precision. Depth of the 3/8”-16  threaded holes should be 18mm minimum. Basic dimensions are in mm.

A OEM stainless steel castings named anchor shank

---------Above are the rough purchase information and technician requests from one of our American customer. Every time if want us to give an exact quote, cusotmers all need to give us the detailed informaiton including material, CAD drawings or 3D drawings which has the basic every dimensions and machining or surface treatment requirements, later our technician will check all information, study and find a fittest solution finally. If there is any feedback from our customer, we will also consider, explain why we design the process like this, for example why we choose stainless steel lost wax castings not water glass craft or not machining process. or we will suggest which kinds of polishing method is best for his stainless steel castings combined his industry and application. 

If unexpectedly we find customer have better idea on some link or his feedback is reasonable, because customers know more about their products, field,market and application site than us, so if there is the possibility, we will take customers' advices or will seriously take them into our considering of designing for the final manufacturing solution.

After all our aim is to satisfy and serve our customers maximally.